Goddess Circle

February 14th, 2013

About 4 weeks ago ran across Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Create Your Incredible Year In Life + Business Workbooks + Planners. After taking a look around I decided to join her Goddess Circle. This has been an incredible, joyful experience. I’m currently in a workshop (included in my goddess circle membership) called 30 Days of Goddess. I have received many gifts including, art lessons, meditations, business advice and direction, beautiful songs, pages to color, and so much more. Click on this link to check it all out: http://leoniedawson.com/affiliate-redirect/?w=circle&p=Lydia

Grandma Sweetcake’s Secret Workshop

July 18th, 2012

My Seestir has been pestering me to BLOG more so she can pin me… jeesh, keeping a little sister happy is a full-time job! So here you go baby sister, here are the photos I promised to post of my latest project, Grandma Sweetcake’s Secret Workshop. Total cost of project $29 for the red umbrella, $109 for the BBQ Grill Gazebo (4′ x 6′), both from Fred Meyers’ summer sale.

My Husband Knows What I Like!

July 6th, 2012

I get excited when my husband comes home and says “I bought you something.” He knows me, so it’s not jewelry or cut flowers or candy… it’s a curly hose or shiny new shovel, mushroom compost, or a fresh bale of organic straw. Last night after a hard days work, he said “I bought you something, look on top of the truck,” it was the wood to make yet another raised bed, in our beautiful garden.


June 28th, 2012

Tilted Towers and Fairy Garden #1 Update

June 23rd, 2012

Drying Bananas

June 23rd, 2012

When my kids were little, they thought dried fruit was candy and juice mixed with mineral water was pop…. then they went public, and that put an end to that! I had a huge food dryer which would easily hold a 40 lb box of bananas. Between my 3 kids, 2 nieces, and a couple of neighborhood kids, they came close to cleaning out the food dryer before the 40 lbs of bananas were done. My sister called me that evening and wanted to know “what on earth I fed her daughter” hahahaha those were the days! Bananas are one of the easiest fruits to prepare and load and they taste like warm banana pudding when eaten straight out of the dryer. They are a tripod fruit, which means when cut in half, you can push your finger right down the middle and it will fall into thirds…. place them on your dryer sheets and your good to go. I dry them at 115 (living food) for about 15-20 hours, just keep tasting (I mean checking) them.

Egg A Day Chalet

June 22nd, 2012

Motivated by Pretty Pinterest photos, I decided to paint the chicken coop. I used Ace exterior paint with primer, Chili Pepper Red and Whipped Butter. We also switched from wood shavings to straw, and the girls love it! Only missed one day of egg laying!

We lOvE our cHiCkEnS!!

June 13th, 2012

Green eggs anyone? We’ve had backyard chickens since 2000. Right now we have 5, Chicken Girl is our oldest, she’s retired (from laying eggs), but still waddles around waiting for us to toss her a worm. They provide us with hours of entertainment, and wonderfully rich eggs.

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